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I represent people that have been hurt by the negligence of another person or company.

My diverse upbringing allows me to connect with people across many different cultures. I am proud to help the underdog in any case face off against large corporations or underhanded insurance companies. My experience in economic loss claims, background in accounting, and passion for helping others tell their stories helps me help those injured by someone else.

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Buda Personal Injury Lawyer

Individuals who suffer harm in accidents caused by negligence will likely need to seek immediate medical care, make adjustments to their daily routines, and find ways to make ends meet while out of work.

A skilled Buda personal injury lawyer is prepared to take the lead in your case so you can focus on recovering. Let an experienced attorney help you evaluate how the injury has impacted your life, investigate the moments leading up to the incident, and demand appropriate compensation on your behalf.

Common Personal Injury Scenarios in Buda

Personal injuries can occur at any time and in any place. Slip or trip and falls on another person or business’s property can give rise to personal injury claims. Injuries at work, if not covered by workers compensation, can result in viable claims against an employer or third party that was at fault. Even at home, it is possible to suffer harm because of a defective consumer product.

Perhaps the most common cause of personal injuries is traffic collisions involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Furthermore, motor vehicle accidents that involve pedestrians or bicyclists—in particular those involving heavy commercial vehicles or 18 wheelers—often result in catastrophic injuries or even death.

What Happens Next?

Steps to take after an Injury
Gathering Supporting Evidence for a Civil Claim

When a person or company causes someone to suffer an injury, they may be held liable for the injured party’s damages. A local personal injury attorney is well-equipped to perform a thorough investigation into the facts of a case, including gathering evidence necessary to prove that another party was responsible for the incident and is liable for providing appropriate compensation.

For example, while an injured person gets the medical care they need, an attorney could work to figure out what happened, why it happened, and gather as much supporting evidence as possible to be able to prove that the other side is legally at fault. In this stage, local legal counsel may gather all relevant photos, conduct interviews with witnesses and investigators, talk with opposing parties and their representatives, and talk with potential expert witnesses whose testimony might be needed at a later stage.

Calculating an Injured Person’s Damages

After an accident, people tend to not feel like themselves for a while. The first and most important step to feeling like yourself again is to see the right doctors and follow their treatment plan for common side effects of personal injuries, such as new pains, headaches, and cognitive issues cause unwanted disruptions to regular daily life.

After medical attention has been sought and evidence collected, it’s time to tell the story of what happened and how it affected you. This includes economic (“dollar”) and non-economic (“personal”) damages.

“Dollar damages” are the losses we can add up like medical bills, lost wages, and potentially reduced ability to earn future income. This includes past expenses, such as an ambulance ride, and estimated future expenses that will accumulate from ongoing physical therapy appointments or at-home nursing care, for example. If a person loses income while recovering from their injuries, or if the incident resulted in a permanent disability, at-fault defendants may be required to provide reimbursement for all lost wages.

“Personal damages” are the things that have been taken but don’t necessarily have a price tag, such as the day-to-day frustrations of living in constant pain, lost time with loved ones, and a loss of general enjoyment of day-to-day life, whether due to pain, suffering, emotional trauma, or changes in interpersonal relationships.

While certain losses may be difficult to measure, a lawyer in the Buda area could help calculate them and demand maximum compensation following a personal injury.

Holding Liable Parties Accountable

Injuries that result from another person or company’s careless behavior may form the basis of a successful a personal injury lawsuit, with compensation awarded to cover accident-related expenses and harm. To collect a monetary award, it is necessary to prove that another party’s negligent actions or inaction caused an otherwise preventable injury and that the injury led to compensable losses.

Demonstrating that another party was responsible for causing an injury as well as the scope and severity of that injury can be made easier with the help of a Buda lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney could help evaluate the impact of a personal injury, assign a dollar value to a claimant’s losses, and demand proper payments through insurance settlements or civil lawsuits.

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    Gathering Supporting Evidence for a Civil Claim
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    Calculating an Injured Person’s Damages
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    Holding Liable Parties Accountable
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A personal injury can impact every aspect of your life. It may necessitate immediate and long-term medical care. It could also damage your ability to earn a living and result in significant emotional trauma. At-fault parties may be required to provide compensation to cover these losses if you can prove that they were responsible for your otherwise preventable injuries.

Let knowledgeable Buda personal injury lawyer help you pursue your case. They can take care of the details involved in protecting your legal rights and demanding compensation while you focus on making your best recovery. Reach out to an attorney today to get started.

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