There is not much that is more frustrating than being hurt by someone else’s negligence, then being hurt again when they (and their insurance company) refuse to take responsibility and make things right.

Below are a selection of results from cases we have handled. Every case is unique and no two negotiations will be exactly the same. Call, text, or email to discuss your specific case.

Disputed liability 18-wheeler

After turning from the wrong lane, an 18-wheeler driver accused my client of driving in the shoulder and putting herself in the way to get hit. After a scene inspection and depositions which favored my client’s version of the facts, the driver’s company took responsibility at mediation and made an offer that resolved the case.

Shoulder injury, three sets of policy limits

My client was a passenger in a car that was t-boned on the passenger side, causing significant shoulder pain. After a low pre-litigation offer, we filed suit and conducted depositions. Following depositions, before mediation, the other driver’s insurance, my client’s underinsured motorist insurance company, and my client’s driver’s underinsured motorist insurance company all issued full policy limits offers.

Disputed liability 18 wheeler crash

As a large company’s 18 wheeler sped through a construction zone on the highway at night, my client’s spouse was entering the highway. A large crash ensued, and the company blamed my client’s spouse’s merge attempt as the cause of the crash. We were able to resolve the case through mediation.

Red light dispute, policy limits

After running a red light and causing a t-bone collision with my client, the other driver blamed the sun for causing her to not see the red light. Her insurance company backed her up and forced a lawsuit. After months of specialist visits, her own deposition, and the other driver’s deposition, my client finally received a full policy limits offer to resolve her case.

Low ball offer, limits after pre-lit demand

After my client was t-boned by a driver trying to use the shoulder to bypass traffic, a prior injury was exacerbated and needed surgery to repair. The insurance company for the negligent driver tried to negotiate a low-ball settlement offer directly with my client before he sought legal representation. After a pre-litigation settlement demand, the insurance company paid its full policy limits.

Trip and fall, disputed causation

After my client tripped on a dangerous walkway, the business blamed her for not looking at the ground as she walked. The company also argued that her injury was not caused from her fall, but offered no alternative explanation. After six depositions, two hired experts for my client, and one hired expert by the defense, the case settled at mediation for an amount that made the company finally take responsibility for not having better procedures to identify and remove trip hazards on the property.

Double policy limits after 40% offers

After causing a hit-and-run freeway collision, a young driver’s insurance company refused to offered 40% of the policy limits to pay for my clients’ medical care and injuries — an amount that did not even cover their full medical bills. After filing suit and taking depositions in the case, the insurance company paid the full policy limits in response to a final offer to settle the case.

Low ball offer, limits after depositions

A young driver at a two-way stop tried to zip across in front of my client, who had the right of way. His insurance company and defense lawyer argued that it was my client who was at fault, for driving the speed limit in a neighborhood. After offering less than half of their policy limits initially, we filed suit and took depositions – after depositions and before two more witness depositions that were scheduled, the insurance company offered their full policy limits to resolve the case.