One of the most dangerous situations a driver can face is being behind a large truck that begins to lose control. These situations can cause the truck to jackknife and even roll over. When a truck slides on its side, it can take up the entirety of the road, leaving travelling cars with no way to escape.

While a truck could jackknife due to slippery road conditions, these accidents are often avoidable and caused by a driver’s negligence. A commercial vehicle wreck attorney could help people injured in jackknife truck accidents in Buda fight for the fair compensation they deserve.

Why Do Trucks Jackknife?

A jackknifing truck is a good example of a failure to retain control of a vehicle. Tractor-trailers, even empty ones, weigh thousands of pounds and require great skill to operate correctly. The power and steering mechanisms are located at the front of a vehicle; a trailer itself merely follows a cab.

Jackknifing usually occurs when a driver is forced to suddenly slam on the brakes. The front tires come to a halt, but the trailer carrying too much momentum to stop properly. This mass needs to go somewhere, and more often than not, it slides off to the side. This sudden change in the center of mass can cause an entire truck to move to the side and possibly flip over. A jackknifing truck causing a collision in Buda could lead to grounds for a civil claim.

When is a Jackknife the Result of Negligent Driving?

There are situations where a jackknife is nearly unavoidable. Sudden accidents in front of a truck driver may force them to stop suddenly. However, if truckers drive safely and within the speed limit, they can avoid a jackknife even in the worst situations. These sorts of accidents commonly occur when a driver either panics in an emergency or travels so fast that they cannot come to a stop properly. Either way, a trucker may be negligent if a jackknifing truck collides with other motorists.

In order to collect compensation after an accident, the injured person will need to prove that the at-fault trucker acted negligently. All truck drivers have a responsibility to drive in a manner that does not place other motorists, their passengers, and pedestrians in unnecessary danger. If a trucker panics during a difficult moment or is driving so quickly that a stop causes a jackknife incident, a Buda attorney could argue that the driver acted negligently and put others in danger.

Even in cases where liability is reasonably clear, state law may limit a person’s ability to recover compensation. For example, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 gives most people no more than two years after a collision to demand compensation for their losses. Allowing a legal representative to take the lead in a case gives an individual the best chance of meeting these strict time limits.

An Attorney is Ready to Help After a Jackknife Truck Crash in Buda

Being in a jackknife truck accident in Buda can be intimidating. Often, a trucker is injured as well; however, this does not mean that they are not at fault for an incident. Additionally, people involved in jackknife accidents are at risk for catastrophic injuries due to an accident’s suddenness and unavoidable nature.

A lawyer understands that truck driver error often causes these accidents and could help you hold the at-fault trucker accountable for your losses. You deserve to collect reimbursement for physical injuries, lost wages, and emotional traumas. Call today to get started.