Any person who suffers harm because of a truck driver’s negligence deserves compensation to offset their losses. However, people who have suffered injuries and losses in collisions with commercial vehicles must act quickly to protect their legal rights.

Commercial vehicles are often owned and operated by large shipping companies that will move swiftly to protect their reputations and profits. Regardless, that does not change the fact that a negligent truck driver who causes an accident, as well as their employer, can be held liable for all resulting damages.

Let a Buda truck accident lawyer help you recover your losses in a successful civil lawsuit. A personal injury attorney could help you hold a truck driver and their employer accountable for their contributions to an otherwise avoidable commercial vehicle accident.

Who Can be Held Responsible for Trucking Accidents?

Traffic laws in Buda, Texas apply to every motorist regardless of their mode of transportation. This means that traffic laws involving speed limits, stopping at red lights, and yielding the right of way apply equally to drivers of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

A trucker who speeds, fails to stop, or does not yield the right of way can be held responsible for a resulting crash and required to provide compensation to injured parties. Injured parties in a trucking accident case can include drivers of other vehicles, their passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Furthermore, there are certain federally mandated rules that apply specifically to truckers. Examples include:

  • Lowered speed limits on certain routes
  • Maximum drive times
  • Maximum weight limits
  • Restrictions on where these vehicles may travel

Truckers who are found to be in violation of these rules are just as liable as those who speed or fail to yield.

When a shipping company’s failure to train its drivers or perform regular maintenance on its vehicles leads to a collision, the truck driver’s employer can be held liable for ensuing damages as well. A Buda lawyer could perform a full investigation into the cause of a commercial truck collision and build a strong case against at-fault parties.

Seeking Appropriate Compensation after a Trucking Accident

Truck accidents can have catastrophic consequences, both economic and non-economic. Examples of economic losses include the cost of medical care following a commercial vehicle accident, as well as missed income. If severe physical injuries keep a person off the job for any length of time, an at-fault truck driver and their employer may be ordered by a local civil court to provide compensation for all necessary medical care and any wages lost after a commercial vehicle accident.

Examples of non-economic losses commonly incurred in trucking collisions include pain and suffering and severe emotional trauma such as nightmares, flashbacks, or other forms of PTSD. Claims for compensation must take these intangible damages into account.

Regardless of how severe a person’s losses are, however, it is essential to file a trucking accident claim within the time frame provided under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003. State law generally gives truck crash victims only two years to initiate a lawsuit against liable parties, but the commercial status of a shipping vehicle may shorten or lengthen this deadline, depending on the circumstances. Hiring a Buda truck accident attorney may therefore be crucial to protecting an injured person’s right to receive compensation.

Let a Buda Truck Accident Attorney Help Protect Your Legal Rights

Whenever a truck driver or their employer is responsible for an accident that results in a personal injury, they have an obligation under the law to provide compensation to all affected parties. Still, the burden lies on injured individuals to prove that a trucker or their employer was responsible for the crash. This can be a daunting task in the face of corporate legal teams and aggressive insurance companies representing large shipping companies.

A Buda truck accident lawyer is ready to fight for you. They can take the lead in gathering evidence, explaining how the event has impacted your life, and demanding that truckers and their employers provide the compensation needed to set things right. Call today to learn more about what a legal professional can do to level the playing field in your truck crash case.