Agricultural chemicals used to kill weeds might also be detrimental to the health of the farmers who work with them. There is a link between the herbicide known as paraquat and the development of Parkinson’s Disease.

Despite the European Union and many other countries banning paraquat, manufacturers continue to produce it, and farmers continue to use it. Paraquat is sold under multiple brand names in the U.S., with the most popular being Gramoxone.

People who have developed Parkinson’s Disease or other neurological symptoms after being exposed to paraquat may be able to seek compensation from the herbicide’s manufacturers and distributors. Let a local mass torts attorney advise you on joining a Buda paraquat lawsuit.

About Paraquat

The full name of the herbicide is paraquat dichloride. It is an effective means of killing weeds and grasses in food crop fields. Use of paraquat in the United States has increased in recent years because the target plants are developing resistance to other herbicides.

Paraquat is a restricted use herbicide, meaning only commercial growers who have taken special training may buy and use it. Farmers can apply paraquat aerially from crop-dusting planes or have their workers spray it manually.

Manufacturers and regulatory agencies have known for decades that paraquat is toxic to humans. Ingesting even small amounts can cause death. Inhaling concentrated paraquat could also cause fatal lung damage. According to the National Institutes of Health, lower levels of paraquat exposure cause neurological damage, including Parkinson’s Disease.

Life-Altering Effects of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological condition that can impact every aspect of an individual’s life. Over time, individuals with Parkinson’s Disease might become unable to care for themselves or live independently. This condition also affects speech, meaning a patient might eventually lose their ability to communicate with loved ones.

While some treatments could delay the onset of certain symptoms or reduce their severity, there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease. Common symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease include:

  • Low energy or exhaustion
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Loss of balance
  • Stiff gait
  • Tremors
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Dementia

An individual who experiences any of these symptoms should consult a medical professional right away. If the diagnosis is Parkinson’s Disease or another related neurological condition and there is a history of farm work, living near a farm, or confirmed paraquat exposure through some other means, consulting a Buda attorney is also advisable.

Manufacturers Liable for Dangerous Products

If a manufacturer puts an unreasonably dangerous product onto the market, they can be held responsible for any damages an individual experiences as a result of using the item. The compensation awarded in a successful Buda paraquat lawsuit could cover medical expenses, lost time at work, diminished quality of life, and reduced lifespan.

A potential complication in Buda paraquat cases is that Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §82.008 allows manufacturers a rebuttable presumption that they are not liable if their warning label was adequate according to government regulators. However, a claimant could rebut the presumption by claiming that the government’s standards were inadequate to protect consumers using the product as anticipated and in accordance with the directions.

In some cases, an employer who instructed an employee to use paraquat in an unsafe manner or who failed to implement adequate safety measures to protect employees might also be liable. An experienced local attorney could advise an individual on who the liable parties might be in their particular paraquat lawsuit.

Bring Your Paraquat Lawsuit to a Capable Buda Attorney

If you are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or some other neurological condition and after being exposed to paraquat, you may be entitled to recover your losses from liable parties. A well-versed attorney could help you hold the manufacturer of this dangerous herbicide responsible for putting you and other individuals at risk of harm. Do not hesitate to speak with a seasoned lawyer today about whether you can file a Buda paraquat lawsuit.