After being injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, your first priority should be getting medical care. Unfortunately, even if you have health insurance that would reduce your full bill, the hospital (or standalone ER or urgent care) where you receive treatment may not properly bill your coverage provider, resulting in overly expensive medical bills for you.

Improper hospital billing in Buda results in shockingly high bills for many accident victims every single year. Fortunately, a Texas law could give you grounds to file suit with a qualified attorney’s help against the hospital for your surprise bill. A successful claim would allow you to avoid paying an unfair charge and potentially recover additional compensation for damages caused by this particular type of billing practice.

Potential Grounds for Improper Billing Claims

The circumstances leading to a hospital sending a bill to an injured person that should have been paid by that patient’s insurance company vary widely. A common example of how this kind of situation unfolds is:

  1. A person with health insurance gets hurt in a car crash, slip or fall, or some other accident that is not their fault.
  2. The injured person visits an emergency room (or standalone ER or urgent care) after their accident and receives medical treatment.
  3. The hospital where the injured person was treated fails to bill—or chooses not to bill—the injured person’s health insurance company.
  4. The hospital later bills the injured person directly, attempting to collect more than the patient would have owed if the hospital had properly billed health insurance.

Fortunately, a Texas law gives legal protections against underhanded actions from medical facilities. As a result, anyone who receives a surprise medical bill in violation of Chapter 146 of the Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code may have grounds for litigation.

Deadline to Initiate Incorrect Hospital Billing Litigation

Depending on the facts of a particular case, the time to bring a claim under Chapter 146 could be as little as two years.

These cases can be very challenging and time-consuming to construct and can involve evidence and testimony that may disappear or become unavailable. For these reasons, acting sooner rather than later is important. A knowledgeable lawyer could discuss a particular person’s circumstances during a private consultation and help determine whether litigation might be possible in their case.

Ask a Buda Attorney about Your Legal Options after Improper Hospital Billing

If you recently received a hospital bill for treatment you received after an accident that your health insurance provider was supposed to cover, you are not alone. Thousands of people across Texas have dealt with surprise medical bills like this, many of whom may have been victims of actionable fraud.

You could have much better odds of successfully handling improper hospital billing in Buda with a capable legal professional by your side. Reach out today to learn more about how Attorney Rian Butler could help achieve a favorable outcome in your case.