Head, neck, and back injuries often have serious and long-term health consequences, including paralysis. These injuries can result in years of costly medical care and other ongoing expenses. Fortunately, financial compensation could be available for anyone living with paralysis through no fault of their own.

If you or someone you love suffers from total or partial paralysis, a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney might be able to help. A Buda paralysis injury lawyer could help you recover compensation for these and any other expenses incurred as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Complete vs Incomplete Paralysis

Not all forms of paralysis are the same. While any spinal cord injury should be considered severe, some forms of paralysis are more likely to be permanent than others. A Buda attorney could offer invaluable insight on the difference between complete and incomplete paralysis injuries.

A complete or total paralysis injury is the most serious form of paralysis and happens when the spinal cord is either completely severed or compressed. This stops the brain from sending signals to areas of the body below the damaged portion of the spine.

An incomplete or partial spinal cord injury is still serious, but it does not represent the total loss of feeling or motor control in areas below the point of injury. With an incomplete spinal injury, the injured party maintains some degree of feeling or motor control over the impacted parts of the body.

Both types of paralysis can require costly, long-term medical care. In cases where someone’s paralysis and associated costs are the result of negligence, it may be possible to recover past and future expenses from liable parties.

Compensating Paralysis Injuries in Buda

While it is true that no amount of money can erase a person’s paralysis or reverse a permanent injury, compensation awarded in a successful civil lawsuit could help alleviate the financial challenges that often come with a paralysis injury. Examples of the compensation available in a paralysis injury case include:

Past and Future Medical Care

Medical care is usually very expensive for anyone living with paralysis. For many people, the cost of emergency care following a paralysis injury as well as ongoing care for the rest of their lives can add up over time. When paralysis is caused by negligence, the victim should not have to bear these costs alone. These costs must be calculated by specific experts who can provide detailed future medical, as well as in-home or inpatient nursing, costs for submission to the responsible party or jury.

Lost Wages and Lost Earning Capacity (Ability to Earn a Living)

Paralysis can have a devastating impact on a person’s ability to earn a living. When an injury victim can no longer work, their lost wages, and ability to earn a living in the future could further complicate an already difficult financial situation. A civil lawsuit could help a paralyzed person recover these economic losses.

Pain and Suffering

Although paralysis results in the loss of feeling in affected parts of the body, that does not mean these injuries aren’t painful. Paralysis typically occurs due to nerve damage, which can result in chronic, severe pain. Compensation could be available for this chronic pain in a successful paralysis injury lawsuit.

Mental Anguish

Suffering a paralysis injury can also lead to emotional trauma. When a person who became paralyzed through negligence relives the trauma of their accident, the can recover comprehensively for their resulting mental anguish.


“Impairment” is another type of recoverable damage item, separate and in addition to pain, suffering and mental anguish. Full or partial paralysis will create impairment—the restriction of activities caused by an injury—and a responsible party must compensate for these losses.

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It is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after a paralysis injury. In many cases, it is possible to hold the person who caused the paralysis injury accountable in civil court and collect damages for all accident-related expenses.

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