Head-on collisions are among the most dangerous traffic accidents. When two vehicles moving forward in opposite directions hit each other, the collision is often fatal, and survivors might suffer severe injuries.

If you were hurt in a front-end car accident in Buda, you could seek compensation from the parties whose carelessness caused an incident. A dedicated car accident attorney could help you find the responsible parties and hold them accountable for your injuries.

Common Injuries in Head-On Collisions

When the front ends of cars collide, the cars stop, but the driver and passengers’ bodies keep moving forward until something impedes them. They might hit a windshield or steering column, or airbags might deploy. A collision could thrust rear seat passengers forward, causing chest injuries from seat belts. If they are not wearing a seatbelt, a crash could throw a passenger around a cabin. Common injuries resulting from head-on collisions include:

  • Seat belt injuries, including fractured ribs, broken collarbone, and damage to the lungs, stomach, liver, or spleen
  • Airbag injuries, including facial cuts and bruises, eye injuries, whiplash, and chest injuries
  • Lacerations to the head and face
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord damage

When someone suffers significant injuries in a wreck, they could seek compensation that covers their medical expenses, lost income, disability, scarring, physical pain, and other effects of an accident. An attorney in Buda could help an injured person and their family after a front-end car collision calculate their losses and demand damages that cover them.

Fault Determines Front-End Car Crash Liability

This state follows traditional rules that a party who causes an accident is responsible for paying the damages of anyone who suffers losses because of it. If a responsible party is a driver, their insurance company pays up to the driver’s policy limits.

A Buda lawyer could review a front-end car crash to determine who might be responsible. One driver is almost always at fault for crossing the center line or driving the wrong way on the road. However, other parties also might share the blame.

If a mechanical problem caused a car to swerve, a manufacturer could have responsibility. If a drunk driver was in the wrong lane, the bar, restaurant, or host that served them alcohol could be liable in some circumstances. A poorly designed road or inadequate lighting could make a local government liable to someone who suffered an injury in a head-on collision. The manufacturers could be liable for damages resulting from poorly designed seat belts or airbags.

Seek Legal Help As Soon As Possible

Getting help from a skilled attorney in Buda soon after a front-end collision is critical. In many cases, representatives from an insurance company will contact an injured person or their family soon after a wreck to offer a quick settlement. In return for a check, they ask an injured person to give up their right to sue.

Accepting an offer before getting legal advice is unwise. A quick settlement offer is almost always inadequate compensation for an injured person’s costs. The best strategy is to work with a local legal representative who could handle communication and negotiations with an insurance company. In addition, a legal professional could review police reports, surveillance videos, and other evidence to identify other responsible parties and demand they pay their fair share of an accident victim’s losses.

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003 allows an injured person two years to file a lawsuit seeking damages for harm suffered in a car crash. In most cases, the responsible parties make acceptable settlement offers, and a case never has to go to court. However, cases are generally stronger when an individual involves an attorney from the beginning.

Let an Attorney Help After a Front-End Collision in Buda

You are vulnerable while recovering from a sever car wreck. Your injuries require time to heal, and you might be worried about losing income or caring for your family.

A seasoned legal representative could provide advice and support after a front-end car accident in Buda. With their help, you could receive payment for damages that cover all your losses. Call today for an appointment.