While most bus drivers have the training and self-discipline necessary to complete their routes quickly while keeping their passengers safe, some act recklessly or carelessly behind the wheel. When this behavior leads to an accident, injured parties may be left with serious impairments, property damage, and personal losses as a result.

If you were hurt because a bus driver or the company they work for acted negligently, a qualified personal injury attorney could be essential in getting the financial compensation you need to move on from this event. A knowledgeable Buda bus accident lawyer could give crucial guidance and representation throughout your case, working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Filing Suit against a Privately Owned Bus Company

Like everyone else who drives a motor vehicle, bus drivers have a legal obligation to act responsibly and reasonably when transporting passengers on public roads. In fact, the duty that bus drivers have as “common carriers” – for transporting multiple people for a fee – is even greater than the duty most other drivers have.

To recover losses after a bus accident, an injured person must prove that the driver or the company they work for violated this duty of care by acting negligently – for example, by not obeying traffic laws, or by hiring someone to drive a bus who was not qualified to do so. Once negligence is established, the next step is showing that this violation of care was the direct cause of the injuries and damages cited in the lawsuit.

Depending on the circumstances, a bus accident victim could potentially pursue civil litigation if they were on board the bus at the time of the incident, in another vehicle that the bus ran into, or hit directly by the bus while walking or bicycling nearby. Regardless, a seasoned Buda bus wreck attorney could play a crucial role in proving fault for specific damages and demanding fair financial recovery from liable parties.

Claims against Public Transit Entities

The Texas Tort Claims Act imposes several restrictions on civil lawsuits against state or local government entities, including public bus companies. For example, the filing deadline for civil claims against public transit companies is just six months after the crash, which is very short compared to the two years given for claims against private bus corporations.

Additionally, an injured person can only recover a maximum of $100,000 from a negligent “unit of local government” for a personal injury, and a maximum of $250,000 from a “municipality.” A lawyer in Buda could explain these and other special rules for bus accident cases like this during a private consultation.

Work with a Buda Bus Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, the massive size and weight of buses makes them especially dangerous in collisions, often leading to severe damage for injured parties. Between that and the fact that buses often do not have seatbelts or any other basic safety features for passengers, this kind of wreck can be devastating for everyone involved.

Fortunately, you have a right to demand fair compensation for any harm you suffered as a result of a bus driver or busing company’s irresponsibility. Contact a Buda bus accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.